Word of Mouse

The internet is the largest and most powerful resource available today. Since many of us do not have the resources available to hire a marketing agent, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to exploit that same strength. Setting aside some time each week to participate in discussion forums and chat rooms where your target consumers congregate can pay dividends.

Here are some basic rules to remember:

Blatant advertising is rude and will quickly get you nowhere, but adding a signature to your messages is perfectly acceptable.

Share your expertise and join in debates.

Don’t be malicious towards your competitors; it only makes you look bad.

Be helpful to people who ask questions, and don’t degrade them no matter how unintelligent you think the question is.

Above all, do not recommend someone email you for a price quote.

Networking is just the same whether its at a conference or via the web. If you can help somebody solve a problem, without necessarily having sold them anything, there is a good chance they will tell others about you.