Developing Effective Website Content

Developing an effective website means more than just adding your company logo and contact information. By offering more information you will be attracting a wider audience.

Provide your visitors with real advice and information, not just a company brochure.

For example, Rick owns a deli, and he wants to attract more than just local patrons. His business is located in an area where many companies draw business from outside the region, so he wants to add places of interest for those that are planning their next business trip, or vacation. If Rick adds a couple recipes, healthy food tips, or area attractions, his website will become a useful tool, and much more than just a company brochure.

Offer solutions, and substantiate your claims

Another key essential ingredient is by defining a problem and offering a solution. Don’t just state, “our company is the best”. You want to be able to substantiate your claims. For example, Rick could advertise that most deli meats contain sugar, but he offers fresh, wholesome ingredients. Provide a reason why your product or service is beneficial to the consumer.

Attracting your target market

Determine who your target market is, then deliver the content that would attract those consumers. If you are a real estate company, you may want to include demographics, or tips on how to sell a home.

Offer something for free

If you are a musician, you may want to make some of your song clips available for download. More ideas to build on are; articles, blogs, reviews, announcements, money saving coupons, screen savers, wallpaper, stock photos, clipart, interactive web polls or news clips. Be creative, and periodically update your website for the best results.

Offering information that corresponds with your business will not only produce a website that will be more enticing to search engines, but will also draw more users to your site.